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Welcome to the Phryte Doll Company, Where porcelain Phryte Dolls were made by the Phryte family back in the Victorian Era.
Haunted Attractions

The Phryte family had the gift of making life size dolls seem as if they were real.  Customers, many of them parents who had lost a child to the plague or other tragedies, would come from across America and around the world to have the Phrytes make them a “twin doll” so they could feel as if their child was still with them.  Some customers would even bring their deceased child’s hair so the Phryte’s could sew the hair into the doll, hoping to never lose the scent of their child.  As the whole town was plagued by disease,  Augustus Phryte, the sole heir to the Phryte family, lost his young daughter, Grievance Phryte.  As Augustus mourned for Grievance, gossip quickly swirled around town that he had turned the corpse of his daughter into a life-size, realistic Phryte Doll, including using her eyes, teeth and hair.  Enter if you dare and see just how realistic these dolls are.

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VIP Tickets Starting at $40 Per Person
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General admission Starting at $15 Per Person

 $5 Parking

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Limited tickets available at the door, while supplies last. At door pricing is $5 additional, per person, per haunt, cash only.

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